“Abstract art can create feeling and emotion with color and form alone. With little or no reference to the physical world, abstract art appears to transcend into the realm of the spiritual world. My work is essentially the exploration of the human spirit.”—Scott J. Menaul

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“My Favorite Things”

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Scott’s artwork is now featured at the Tampa Airport Marriott! See “Manhattan Atrium Diptych” in the main lobby and many others upstairs in the revolving restaurant/event space. See Scott’s blog.

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“My Favorite Things”

We all have our favorite things: music, food, a place or even a drink. Sometimes these become a passion. It is a reflection of our personality and experience. We form a bond with others who share the same predilections. “My Favorite Things” is a celebration of these things that make life special.

Company Information

Scott J. Menaul is an abstract surrealist artist living in Clearwater, FL. He is both a digital and mixed media artist who creates and sells his artwork to homeowners, interior designers, collectors and corporations. His artwork is described as being innovative, inspiring and spiritual. The energetic and lively designs lift the human spirit bringing life, joy and excitement to homes, offices, lobbies and public spaces.

Using his digital techniques he is able to customize his artwork to fit your exact needs as to size, orientation (horizontal or vertical) and color. He can likely help you to solve your art decorating problems.


Powerful and engaging are the words I would choose to use to describe your work.
I’ve been around the world seven times. I’ve been privy to artwork in many countries. I must say that when I saw Scott’s artwork at an exhibition, it mesmerized me. The color and composition is second to none.
We LOVE it! It’s really perfect—both the colors and the canvas. Thank you very much for all of your efforts to make it that way.
As a graphic artist I was enthralled and excited by your work. It is utterly astounding. I don’t believe anyone breathing could observe it and remain detached from it. I am an avid photographer and when I have the time to pursue it, I look for abstract beauty and design in both nature and the works of man. I believe I will see in a new way having viewed your art.