Discover Limited Edition artwork created by Scott using digital and mixed media techniques. Available on canvas or metal, these unique, colorful, innovative and mesmerizing collections are in demand and available in limited quantities.

Featured collection

"Artist Adds Color, Life to Clearwater"

The Word is Out

  • It Mesmerized Me

    I’ve been around the world seven times. I’ve been privy to artwork in many countries. I must say that when I saw Scott’s artwork at an exhibition, it mesmerized me. The color and composition is second to none.

  • Utterly Astounding

    As a graphic artist I was enthralled and excited by your work. It is utterly astounding. I don’t believe anyone breathing could observe it and remain detached from it. I am an avid photographer and when I have the time to pursue it, I look for abstract beauty and design in both nature and the works of man. I believe I will see in a new way having viewed your art.

  • Powerful and Engaging

    ‘Powerful’ and ‘engaging’ are the words I would choose to use to describe your work.

  • Scott's art is absolutely intoxicating. Whether the lights are on or off, his Improvisation in Red and Red Swirls manages to bring beautiful life into the room.

  • Fabulous Abstract Artwork

    I give credit to Scott Menaul of Menaul Art for the success of this project. Without his artistic talent and willingness to share his fabulous abstract work, this listing probably wouldn't have had an offer within the first week after it was staged.

  • I'm Compelled to Study It

    Menaul Art is art at its best: visually fluid, without boundaries, multi-dimensional in shapes, textures, and colors. Every time I see one, I'm compelled to study it and enjoy it as it always brings me to wonderment. Very few artworks have I seen has this effect on me.

  • Custom Sizes and Colors

    Menaul Fine Art offers custom sizes and custom colors! If the size is not right for your wall: no problem. If you see a vertical and you need a horizontal: no problem. You love a piece but the colors aren’t quite right for your décor: no problem. We can re-work any of Scott's artwork to meet your specific needs.

  • We Help You Visualize It

    Email us a photo of your wall and we will digitally drop in your art selections right onto your own wall! This way we can see how the piece will look in your home or workplace before placing your order.

  • Size Does Not Matter

    No matter how large or small your project is, we can do it.

  • Complexity & Customization

    If you can dream it we can produce it!

  • Learn More About Abstract Art

    Request a tour of the gallery and our processes to see how we can assist you.